Allegro Power Cable

The Allegro Power cable is based on high quality substantial gauge stranded pure silver and Copper alloy conductors. The pure silver-Copper conductors are made of very pure silver & copper. Thermo-treated conductors blended in proprietary ratios and Teflon insulated dielectrics with ultra-effective shielding. Flexible tubing is surrounding the conductors.

Terminations using Oyaide P-004 / C-004 / P-004e (The plating is a combination of platinum and palladium). All this leads to a very clear and revealing cable, a good power cord is critical to lowering the noise floor. Achievement of goal is signified by reduced AC hum through the speakers, but more importantly by improved resolution and dynamic contrast on top of a relaxed and quiet background.

Allegro Power Cord Schuko Plug

Allegro Power Cord US Connector

Allegro Power Cord Entry Level