Armonico Speaker Cable

Thermo-treated precious-metal conductors blended in proprietary ratios. A special geometry that must be formed by hand. Teflon- and air-insulated dielectrics with ultra-effective shielding. Large vibration-isolating tubing, supplemented with external anti-resonant African hardwood blocks, to reduce structural and airborne vibrations. Sepa-rate cables and resonance blocks for each signal phase—a costly ap-proach that we found superior to shared geometries and networked terminations.

Termination using top-model Termination using custom made 24K gold connectors. Hand-soldered joints using alloy approa-ching 100% pure silver. In Armonico, through careful attention to design and materials we have created a resolving, dynamic, and refined Speaker Cable that is faithful to source in realism, and faithful to listener in the communica-tion of musical emotion.

Armonico Speaker Cables