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Fono Acustica is an audio manufacturer focused on highend performance with an artisanal aesthetic. Our evolving line of audio products and accessories will have a shared purpose in helping music lovers discover the untapped potential in their existing electronics. We have concentrated first on premier audio cables a course borne of restlessness with the performance and high price of current commercial designs. We offer a unique combination of performance and value in products whose ownership reflects passion for music and audio.   


When was the last time you experienced the sensation of real music?  Was it a live performance?  Perhaps a symphony or a jazz jam…  How attainable is this experience in your listening room?  Is it close enough for the critical listener to abandon himself to the passion of music?

Now there is Fono Acustica.

The Cable Dilemma

A cable is perhaps the most controversial purchase in audio.  Here are a few of the “difficult” questions:

How important is a premium cable to the performance of high-end electronics and speakers?  Does the law of diminishing returns apply more dramatically to cables than to electronics?  Is the optimal cable a clear window to the source, or a tone control whose coloration is used to balance the signatures of components and speakers?  Along similar lines, does the optimal cable have a “house sound”, or the absence of such?  Why do manufacturers and reviewers sometimes stress the importance of combining one high acceptance factor with non-audiophile family members! The quality of the cables is reflected in their packaging inside a box with original artwork by a noted Spanish painter.   

“Not everything that can be counted counts – and not everything that counts can be counted…”

Albert Einstein(reputedly)

Craftmanship and Manual Skills

The art and science of great sound…

Manufacturers go to great lengths to differentiate their cables from the competition – those beautiful connector bodies on the Fono Acustica cables are no coincidence. But pick up a cable and you’ll immediately notice just how different it really is: soft, flexible and surprisingly light, the differences here are more – much more – than just skin deep. They reflect the materials and the way they are used, the way we build the cables, their very nature. Fono Acustica cables feel different because they really are different, a difference you hear all too clearly in the music they produce.

Each cable is hand-built: not just hand terminated but the cable itself is hand assembled. This allows us to optimize not just the wire gauge and geometry for each specific role within the system, but the materials used and the way in which they are constructed into each type of cable. So, although the solid core conductors used throughout the range are drawn in our proprietary silver/gold alloy, sourced exclusively from a single Canadian supplier, the dimensions and the way in which they are used are different in each type of cable.



Plug in the Sinfo in place of the QB8 and the sonic and musical differences are substantial and significant. The Fono Acustica block brings a remarkably focused sense of body, presence and energy to proceedings. Tonally it is rich and warm, but unlike so many products that garner such descriptions there’s nothing slow or sluggish about the Sinfo’s sound. Instead it is direct, purposeful and propulsive, driving energy into the system and into the room. It brings substance, shape and solidity to performers, impact, energy and drive to performances. Its presentation is compact and unambiguous; it could almost be dubbed "the solid sender" if John Lee Hooker hadn’t gotten there first. There’s no messin’ with the Sinfo in your system.

The audio beat

Building by hand doesn’t mean ignoring proven practice or materials. Run down the specs on the Virtuoso and you’ll find that they use solid-core conductors drawn from silver-gold alloy and combined with Teflon insulation -- all well-established elements in audiocable construction.

With a little practice you can tell a lot about how a cable will sound simply from how it feels -- except that the Virtuosos don’t feel like any other audio cable I’ve ever used.

The audio beat

有兩款電源排插。 初遇Fono Acustica 我今次試聽是 Fono Acustica 中間等級的 ARMONICO系列,在未試 ARMONICO 系列線材之前,我也曾接觸過和聽過 Fono Acustica 的頂班系列 VIRTUOSO 電源線、 訊號線和喇叭線,而 VIRTUOSO 線材最吸引 我的目光便是這個獨特設計的插頭,無論是 電源線、訊號線和喇叭線都足銀光閃閃的雕花

Hong Kong

The Fono Acustica—produced sharper but not unnaturally defined transients, shorter sustain and decay, and an overall well-detailed and more speedy sound. It generated notable rhythmic excitement that in some ways benefited the Viva Fono’s long sustain

暮 儀 』 欺 〓秦 瘍 蛉一 い 寅 艤 ほ ど 饒 鷺 価 な 財 舅 餃 鐘 鱚 饉 ア ル モ ニ コ は 金 銀 合 金 の 単 線 。 同 社 の 場 合 種 類 に 応 じ て 最 適 径 を 決 定 す る の で 、 何 ゲ ー ジ と い う 決 ま り は な い そ う だ 。 絶 縁 と 外 被 は ア レ グ ロ と 同 様 。 た だ し ハ ン ダ は 1 0 0 % 銀 と い う 。 要 す る に 純 銀 溶 接 と い う こ と な の か も し れ な い 。 ま た ア フ リ カ ン ハ ー ド ウ ツ ド の イ ン シ ュ レ ー タ ー が 装 着 さ れ て い る...


我必須承認,Virtuoso電源線的確有著其他高價線材所難以取代的獨特魅力,它可以在不扭曲音樂原貌的前提下,讓音樂 變得更迷人、更有感染力,它也的確可以挖掘出隱藏在音樂演奏中的深層情感,讓人情不自盡被音樂所吸引而感動。聽 過Virtuoso電源線所呈現的絕美音樂境界之後,真的會讓人失去理智,即使貴到嚇人,也會動心起念想要擁有。


彷彿一把名琴 我們知道發燒領域中的排插,其實 多半都身懷不凡特質,有些走的是技術 複雜派,那類的排插看起來就像精密 儀器一樣,讓人嗅得滿滿的專業講究 氣息。但是電源方面的產品,若要作 到造型優美、彷彿藝術品、同時用料 又夠燒,那可就不常看到了!不過Fono Acustica的Sinfo排插就是這樣的「藝術 品排插」,相當獨樹一格。從碩大的盒 子中把Sinfo拿出來,首先會被那油亮 精緻的表面處理吸引,排插箱體不是 傳統的長方體,而是略帶S型的曲線造 型;不由得會自內心發出讚嘆「這實在 是太高級了吧!


卓越的錄音空間還原能力 改聽演唱會收音, Eagle 那 張 「Hell Freezes Over」當中最知名的 「Hotel California」。第一時間就能感 受到演唱會現場的廣大空間感,以及 開唱前觀眾發出的各種鼓噪,表示這 對訊號線對於不同錄音的分別能力是 屬於頂尖級的。當音樂開始後,特別 注意到吉他竟然帶著些微的濕潤,使 吉他聽來更悅耳。而在人聲的部分, 能夠分辨出哪些地方是獨唱,那些部 分屬於合唱的解析力不算太神奇;更 高明得是聽起來合唱合的特別好、特 別融合,彼此聲音水乳交融,聽者一 聽就知道這是功力高深的表演者。


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